Wagner type “motherclock”

Last Tuesday an old Wagner type “motherclock”was collected in Voorburg and brought to the museum. This once controlled the clocks in the former main office of the Dutch Postal Cheque and Giro Service (PCGD) in The Hague. As this office was built at the same time as the museum, this clock could have a respectable age… At present it is residing in the “bunker” while waiting for further restoration and a suitable place in the museum.

This clock was kindly donated by the widow of Mr Martin Harms, who was a keen collector of historic things in Voorburg.


at it's previous location in Voorburg
at it’s previous location in Voorburg

Loading at Voorburg

Unloading at the museum
Unloading at the museum

Waiting for further restoration in the "bunker"
Waiting for further restoration in the “bunker”