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The Houweling Telecom Museum is a unique museum that manages, conserves and above all shows, hears and smells the history of PTT/KPN. With us you can literally and figuratively take a walk through the history and development of telecommunications, from the near and distant past. Our items cover a time span from 1880 to 2010. In our real-life environment, you can indulge in what is no longer and discover how communication has changed over the years. In short, the museum aims to ‘preserve and manage the Telecommunications Heritage’.

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Telecommuseum zet schouders er weer onder na brand: 'Schade is niet in geld uit te drukken' - Rijnmond
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Fire in the Museum

112 (one one two) 3 digits that you only need when something serious is going on. And there it was: Tuesday, January 26th, we desperately needed the Fire Brigade. A fire

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Guess the device

Who knows what this device is called & what it was used for? There is a nice prize waiting for those who know the right answer.

Unfortunately Houweling volunteer, you are excluded from participation, but you can benefit from your knowledge transfer to children, grandchildren and other inquisitives.😊

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