No Speeddate but a SPEEDGATE

Speedgate Vlaggemanstraat

Since July of this year we have a ‘Speedgate’ on Vlaggemanstraat.  No longer an ‘ordinary’ gate that could be opened and closed with a key, but a completely new gate, which can only be opened with a card. This is because Security wanted to eliminate the risk of the gate left open, especially during evenings and weekends. It was noticed that unauthorized persons possesed a gate key and opened the gate, especially during weekends.
On July 28 of this year we were visited by a large team of people who had to install a new gate. Which immediately meant that no one could get in or out during the work. At least, the terrain.
Besides the fact that such a speed gate is not cheap, installing it required a lot of work: truck with crane, ground workers, people from Heras (the fence manufacturer) itself, engineers and supervision, in short, many disciplines were busy that day to install and get the fence into place so that everything worked properly at the end of the day.