Open Monuments Days/ Museum weekend 2023

Open Monumenten Dag

The yearly  Open Monuments Day (AKA Museum weekend) was held at September 9th and 10th, the motto of this year was “living inheritance”.

“The reason to join this event was the 100th birthday of the building that hosts our museum, this year’s theme (Living Inheritance) suited our museum as our volunteers keep telecommunication history alive, It also was a good opportunity to promote our museum. The Rotterdam Noord Echange was built between 1922 and 1924 by the local telephone service (PTD) as the exchange in the centre of Rotterdam (at the Botersloot) proved too small for the continuously growing telephone traffic.

Ronald Nieuwenhuis (HR manager at KPN and chairman of KPN Inspire) was invited to open the event by switching on a switchboard.

Much rattling in the Ericsonroom.

Rest in the “stijlkamer”


Also much rattling and ringing in the Bellroom.


At the next tone it is…………

At first we feared that the extremely warm weather would result in lesser visitors but this wasn’t so…. at times our guides had their hands full, an estimated 175-200 enthusiastic visitors passed by this weekend.

Reception in the porter’s lodge.

If possible we tried to receive the visitors in the old porter’s lodge but others prefered to start in the “bunker”, where they could see a short film, afterwards they could explore the museum on their own or join a guided tour. Those who went on their own could were assisted by assigned hosts to answer their questions. There even was a shortage of guides at times so that these hardly had a chance to lunch and needed to be fed on the spot by colleagues.

Houweling Cake

Coffee, Tea, cake and water were highly appreciated on arrival at the “Bunker”, also the table with surplus devices attracked much attention, sadly most of the device on sale remained on the table but the little saving boxes were more popular…..…

Sale stand in front of the “Bunker”
There were two leaflets available for all visitors who wanted to pay another visit in the future or tell their family and relatives, one was the standard museum leaflet, the other was expecially made about the history of the building, in the week afterwards several people cam back for another visit.
The crew in the Hall
Most of the volunteers look back on a very busy and nice weekend and intend to use the experiences of these days to create an even better weekend next year.